“Some like Sunday, some like Monday, but I like my BIRTHDAY :):)”

Is there anyone who doesn’t agree to this statement from their perspective?? Each one of us like our birthdays the most. Every Birthday brings in new hopes, desires, wishes, gifts, surprises, parties, blessings and memories of the special day. So was mine ;).

Three months back I shifted to Hyderabad because of my job. Presently, I am comfortably settled in the cyber city. It was my first hostel stay in 21 years. Staying at hostel with my colleagues, I was eagerly awaiting to see what this birthday is gonna be like. Like I do every night, went to bed early with the hopes of new start to my year. After a lazy, tiring day I tried to settle in my bed and catch up with a nap. It was around 10:30 PM, when my roomie came in and said “how can I let u sleep peacefully when I am not able to sleep”. She began to do all sorts of things to keep me awake. That’s when I first guessed that something is cooking in her mind ;). But I didn’t show it out; she got tired and let me sleep… Pavam Theja (My roomie) :D.

I was in dreams, celebrating my B’day with family and friends at Chennai, when I felt there is something happening irrelevant to the situation in my dream. It took me sometime to realize that in reality I was in hostel, and not at home :(. My friend started to kick me; I woke up in pain and sat up to get B’day bumps from my hostel friends. First B’day bumps of my life. Oh my goodness, most unexpected. She, along with my other roomie Sudha wished me and said we should be the ones to wish you first 🙂 🙂 so touching Lolz. 😛
“There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents … and only one for birthday presents, you know.”
– Lewis Carroll

They gifted me the presents bought for me, and looked at their watches to realize that there is still 4 minutes to 00:00 hrs. Comedy ah pochu 😀 :D, I couldn’t control my laughter. Birthday presents had always reached me late, never once had I got it on same day. This year I broke that record of mine too ;)Thanks to the two stupid’s I have got. I opened each and every present with a sense of awe and surprise (P.S half sleepy too). All the gifts were good and liked everything, but the best was a doll of small boy doing karate moves. I asked them what does this symbolize and I got an instantaneous reply with practical demo. She was counting every beat, pity me.

“Expectations always hurt, all good things come as a surprise package, so don’t expect”

I had always ignored this fact, but this day I was proved wrong. My friends whom I expected to wish me, forgot to wish. And ones whom I didn’t expect called me and wished :),what could be more pleasant than this. My best buddy at college, my best friend and project mate Akila was the first to go followed my other friends at college :). By 01:00 AM I was back in bed again, musing to myself that this is a wonderful night indeed. I would cherish this day my whole life, the best moments spent with best people in my life.
The day I realized things are never the same always, as life goes on better things keep coming your way. So better not to worry and enjoy everything :). I am really half baked after going through this day!! 😉 🙂

Thanks !!

Thank you friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

“On your birthday, it’s time to reflect,
For the passing of time leads to change.
What once was important we leave;
Our priorities and goals rearrange.
It’s official; you’ve lived one more year.
You’re birthday gifted and caked,
But don’t think you’re fully mature,
‘Cause you’re really only half-baked!
–By Joanna Fuchs

This Post is solely dedicated to my roomies and all other friends who made my day MOST MEMORABLE 🙂 🙂 🙂
Looking forward to constructive comments. HAPPY READING GUYS 🙂 !!