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15th august 1947- Independance Day, it’s a day very significant for every Indian. The day our nation was freed from the clutches of the wicked,money minded britishers. Well i am not gonna talk about the history of the day as such, it’s my history with August 15 :). 66 years since the nation celebrated it’s first day of freedom and i see a sea of changes to the relevance of this day in my life since i knew about independence day.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. ~Anonymous

My childhood with this day has lots of memories that i cherish for my lifetime. And here goes a few of them…

The first thing i used to think of as a small kid every Aug 15th is “a Half Day” at school and rest of the day at home to sleep. Kinder garden and primary school days independence were the same every year as far as i remember. The most common events that precede Flag hoisting in every school would be,

    Patriotic group songs
    Inspiring speeches[which i would never understand] in english and hindi by students from all grades always focusing on freedom fighters and leaders.
    Principal ka boring lecture πŸ˜›
    Plays on gandhi’s dandi yaatra, jaliyanwala khand, Bhagath singh stories.

These are the very common things followed by sweets and chocolates distribution to kids and parents. This sort of small blessings always delighted me as a child of less than 10 years of age.Those were days when i hardly understood what was happening around me.

Then came the days wherein i started understanding what this day is all about, and it was my 6th std when i first gave a speech on independence day. I was supposed to talk about the day. It was the first time i ever spoke on stage other than singing,till the dead minute lot of fear and nervousness went through my mind. But once on stage,the mere sight of being able to see the whole school donned in colors of Indian flag and students dressed up in White with tricolor ribbons, gives an amazing feeling.I realized how much people rever the Day.I wish i had a camera back then 😦 missed to freeze those moments!!

When it came to my 7th i remember being a part of the independence day dumbbells team. We were supposed to move hands and legs as per the loud boisterous DRUM beats…i could hear the beats ringing in my head, the rythm. Everything used to be so exciting and new. The days of rehearsals were most memorable part than the day by itself. We would bunk classes in the name of rehearsals and watch the dance,songs and skits being rehearsed rather than doing our dumbbells part. Every time we miss the rehearsals,we would get smacked by the PET teacher, with a long raw neem stick on our knuckles..i could feel the terror even now when i type this :(.Then came the D Day and we all got dressed in white skirts and shirts with ribbons tied to our wrists and head. I still remember the color i got “The glorious GREEN” part of our flag.The movements we all did matching to the drum beats ,the synchronisation and coordination used to be jaw droppingly amazing and perfect. Not to forget the favour of extra chocolates for being a part of events WONDERFUL.

8th std was different from the rest for i was a part of the karate demo group. We used to get trained by our seniors like anything.I know my friends here at Chennai would not believe i was a part of such a thing. I remember being hit by the girl besides me every time, when she tries one of those Kicks and defensive moves, nevertheless enjoyed every part of the practise and THE SHOW on Independence day. By this year got bored with the routine sweet that we used to get from school, the “sweet boondhi” ..huh. But none of us cared what we get, it’s the mere speciality of the day that kept us happy every year. It was no more “HALF dAY Leave” days πŸ˜‰ After the flag hoisting, events and sweets we friends used to roam the entire locality of our school Kendriya Vidyalaya, which was located in the centre of CRPF boundary in Nagpur. We used to go and buy special sweets from the CRPF canteen “the besan ka burfi” with our pocket money. I loved those, i regret not being able to have those again.

Unlike my days in nagpur the independence day celebrations down south at Chennai was different. Confused??? We shifted to Chennai and i was put into KV here. I was just the part of morning choir on independence day and rest of the day sit and see the dances and songs. There was not much of the Hindi elements though we had few of speeches.I missed my school at nagpur. The 11th std saw another change of school for me and i was a part of the parade. I represented the “ANNIE BESANT” house [We used to have students split into 4 groups named after famous Ladies of the country], standing right behind the flag bearer of the house felt so good. I could visualize the costume we were in πŸ˜› White salwars , sky blue coats representing the House, and walking back and forth in the ground to beats of DRUMS..Nostalgia ..:O!!

The college days were most boring as i could never make it to the independence day as the mere fact of travelling for hours from home threatened me and i preferred staying at home and watch the PM hoisting flag at Delhi in Doordarshan. I wonder what we all would have done without this DD [Wait for a post on this channel soon…].Once i started working, it became more of nothing, it just meant another holiday. since 2007 i had never witnessed a flag hoisting until 2012 [i know its not a thing to be proud of]. But i am sure there are people who share the same story as mine after school days. This year i must thank the Team Everest an NGO which gave me a chance to be a part of Independance day celebration of a school in chennai. The day took me down my memory lane as a consequence of which i happened to write this blog. The joy of wearing the Indian flag as a batch and being able to proudly salute the most beautiful thing [for every Indian] on earth OUR NATIONAL FLAG feels so great. The school kids represented the Kid i was years back. This time i had my camera and i am fortunate enough to capture the wonderful moments for these little kids :). I made a resolution, that i would visit some school every year on this day.

Thank you Team Everest and Colors of Life for making me re-live my school days:).I miss you KV CRPF Nagpur:( I would some day visit you and would want to be filled with all the great memories you gave me as school KID.

If this blog made even 1 person relive his/her independance day celebrations the purpose of the blog is done. Before i bid adieu..here are few snaps of 15th Aug 2012 πŸ™‚ My clicks ;)…….

The Wait!

The Wait for the Moment “Flag Hoisting” !

At the assembly before flag hoisting :)

At the assembly before flag hoisting πŸ™‚

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots ❀

Kids Enjoying their roles ...
The Leaders :)

The Future Leaders πŸ™‚

The Flag

“The Hoisted flag @Pallavaram Station”

See you all in another post πŸ™‚