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This is one of my favorite’s “Photo frame” :). Before i actually knew what Quilling is, i did this piece of work seeing a pic in Google :).

You guys would be wondering what am i talking about 😛 Well, QUILLING is an art of creating patterns using Paper strings as defined by an amateur quiller [that’s me :D].

So here goes the frame i made. Hope you all like it… 🙂

Quilled Frame

The Photo Frame


I gifted my friend recently on her b’day with a pen stand. I wanted to try something different for once than the usual quilled and painted cards. So, goes my pen stand made of wasted one A4 sheets.

When i started rolling the sheets to give my gift a shape, i was amazed to know that i am enjoying doing this, which i thought would be a nightmare for me at first. I could feel the sense of happiness it imparts and refreshes the mind. For few hours i was in a different world altogether. Like a kid trying to paint for the first time i was excited to see the output. I remember seeing how to make these pen stands on TV during school days.

I realized how small things can influence our mood. When we get ourselves into trying new things we tend to give our best possible to make it a success. It could transport us to a world where its only you and your creative ideas. It was feel good after i saw the result of my hard work [not very hard for a task though :P].

Here are some snaps of the gift…

The Gift 🙂

Side View 😉

Top view !

Someone rightly said once
“Return something not for the possibility of a reward, but for the joy of giving a gift which you did not have to pay for.” ― Jarod Kintz

Keep gifting and be gifted with bliss for life 🙂


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