She loves, cares, feeds, holds me at every step as a MOTHER,
She teaches me about tradition,culture and well being as a GRANNY,
She guides, imparts knowledge and took care of me at school and college as a TEACHER(S),
She fights,  shares, rejoices for my life as a SISTER(S),
She gives company, entertains, supports, shares my happiness sorrow and grief as a FRIEND(S),
She instructs, shares, cares for me as a COLLEAGUE(S),
She will take care of me at my in-laws, and she is my second MOTHER,
She will define a new meaning and spirit to my life as a DAUGHTER,
She brings a smile on my face in the society as a STRANGER,

And she is a WOMAN. The most wonderful, beautiful, strong, caring, loving, able, determined, sensitive, fragile, delicate. And the only being who can bring a new LIFE to earth. This women’s day lets make every women of our life feel special and let the Princess and Queen not fade in her heart throughout her LIFE.

I thank all the pretty women in my life and wish you all a very HAPPY WOMEN’s DAY. I am not this without you all 🙂 [Bow]